My watch is broken

It’s always 10:16

It stopped at the same time my heart did the first time you kissed me

It was always 10:16

10:16 when we held hands while we walked around the city

When we made cookies and wore each other’s glasses

10:16 when we rode scooters and watched the sunset

The evenings you forgot to say goodnight and I Stayed up late not sure if I should feel worried or upset

10:16 when you made me a yellow necklace

Our nights together felt sublimely endless

It was always 10:16

10:16 when we kissed in the elevator of the clark planetarium

I didn’t know what was happening but all the sudden I didn’t need to

The sparks flew like shooting stars and when the doors slid open we learned about the universe that created them

it was always 10:16

10:16 when we disco skated and played tricks on people who didn’t deserve it

10:16 the first time you looked at me and made me feel perfect

10:16 when you pretended to miss the train so you could stay with me longer

it was always 10:16

10:16 when you said goodbye

And when you broke my heart

10:16 when you blew me a kiss

And drove off in the dark

10:16 lasted for what felt like an eternity

One year condensed into one minute


The best minute of my life

I finally got my watch fixed

It was 10:17 when I forgot about you

And now 10:16 is nothing but dejavu

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